I am Syed Farhan Ghazi a student. I live in Lahore,Pakistan. I have been writing philosophy for 2 years. I experienced many failures in my life but I didn’t stop. Failure is the first step towards success that’s why I didn’t lose heart. It was my wish to have a website. Today, I have eight my own websites. Don’t forget, dreams are like stars you never touch them but If you follow them, they will lead you your destination.

I have many dreams like I want to be a Professor,

Businessman, Blogger and more. I am not limited to only one profession and I think that its my good point. Now, I am studying F.Sc pre Engg. After that I will apply for mechanical or chemical Engineering. Next I will start preparation of CSS (Central Superior Services) Exam. I have confidence to achieve my goal. I will be selected as an A.C of any Tehsil. After a government job that is very secured today I will again start study and apply for M.Phil. Third Last, I will submit my thesis for Ph.D. At the second last I will leave for A.C designation and  become a Lecturer in any college or university. At last, I will start my own business. Then I will be a retired Assistant Commissioner, Professor, CSS, Master of Philosophy (M.Phil) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D).

I say “Everybody can achieve its goal/aim in life but hardship and honesty is required to achieve it.”

I am sure that my success will knock at my door and I will open the door with a great pleasure and will say thank to God for blessings.

Good Luck..

Good Luck: ” Good Luck Happens When preparedness meets opportunity.”

Ref: Syed Farhan Ghazi

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