Virtual Think Tank Pakistan — an online group devoted to policy discussion and formulation. It has members around the globe. Founded by Athar Osama.

The group is now officially defunct, but some of its mailings lists and other resources, and the circle that came together around it is active in other ways. It was a valiant effort by Athar Osama, then a Ph.D. fellow at the Rand Corporation, to try and develop a brain trust that could then be used to help develop projects and activities to benefit Pakistan.

Self-Description/Mission, Vision, etc.Edit

Home page says VTTP is:

"...a platform of 175+ development minded Pakistani Professionals from all walks of life and dispersed across five continents..."

and describes their mission as follows:

Virtual Think Tank Pakistan -- or 'The T.A.N.K.' (a.k.a. Thought-Action-Networking-Knowledge) is a "Think Tank without Walls" for Development-minded Pakistani Professionals. Our Mission Statement emphasizes our desire to utilize our diverse knowledge resources to build a Better Pakistan:
"The Tank is a Forum in the Cyber-space to Link Like-minded Individuals and Professionals separated by geographic distances But Connected in Time and in their Desire to do Good for Pakistani Society through Careful Collaborative Thinking and Well-Reasoned Local Action"




Other ProjectsEdit