Being a true and good Muslim we all love our events more than anything. We all have believed that without the celebration of Islamic Events we aren't complete Muslim. We all celebrate events of Islamic either openly or inwardly. In Islamic events, Eid Ul Adha is one of the precious events of Islam. This isn't an ordinary event of the universe but an extraordinary, which has no parallel in this world. 
In Muslim countries, we, the Muslim celebrate this Eid Day with complete religious and fever to show our love and devotion to Islam. Before this Eid, people bring lawful animals like the camel, cow and goat and they slaughter with the name of Allah on this precious day.

In this event people wishes this day with their friends and family members with the help of Cards and people send Eid Mubarak Sms to their relatives and also people receive Eid' 'Ul' 'Adha Sms or Bakra Eid Sms on the beautiful event of Islam.

People use Skype for video calling and talk with their friends and family who are living out of the country. This is a quite easy way to celebrate any event with Send Free Sms service and Video call service. A Person, He or she has to celebrate this day and go towards their relative’s home and has to meet with their relatives after hugging. The trend of Free Sms is going too much now in the modern era.

It's the duty of every Muslim that he or she should celebrate this day after forgetting all problems. It’s always a good way to increase our good deeds and it’s our obligation, if we are able to do this then we should do this otherwise it could be a sin for us. We spend a lot of money to our needful things like Computer, Mobile and laptops, if we spend some money for the sake of Allah, so what is the worst about doing it? No anything.

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