When Ramazaan and Eid are away from Home The essence of Ramazan is felt with an unmatched vitality and fervour at home in the East-may it be Pakistan, India or Bangladesh. Those who are settled elsewhere feel that tug of homesickness and nostalgia more than ever during the auspicious month of Ramazan and the occasion of Eid. The aromas of sehri; the hustle bustle and togetherness of iftaar; the clanking of bangles; the unmistakable scent of henna—its all missed desperately when one is living away from home. Pakistanis, Indians and Bangladeshis who are currently living, working or studying abroad in North America, UK and the Middle East crave for the spirituality of Ramazan and the contentment and festivity of Eid back home and many try to plan their vacations in a way that they can be with their loved ones during these blessed days. However, those who cannot for any reason, be back among their roots, try their best to celebrate Eid with their Asian brethren in their country of residence as festively as possible. Women make efforts to hold iftaar parties during weekends; Eid gatherings are celebrated with the purpose of reliving the revelry back home. On such occasions Pakistani and Indian Muslims living abroad pay attention to donning their best ethnic attire complete with their cultural accessories. This is a chance for them to indulge in the unique and delicate beauty and comfort of Eastern apparel. Many wear dresses which they have shopped for during their annual visits to Pakistan and India; but shopping for all occasions for the entire year for all family members and hauling it all back to their country of residence is a cumbersome task. However, with the spectacular online world of Just Eastern to your rescue, you don’t need to go through the hassle of shopping madly when you are in your homeland anymore. Because wherever you may be –in USA, Canada, UK or the Middle East, whatever be the occasion—Ramazaan, Eid or a wedding—choose  from our handpicked collection of ethnic brands including women’s suits in the best of chiffon, lace, cotton and lawn from Khaliqs,MorpankhSharmeen BatlaAl Karam and Koel. Feast your eyes on the range of stylish men’s kurtas ideal for a cultural or family gathering. Pair it with the finest of ethnic jewelry, shoes and bags and have your entire Eid ensemble delivered to your doorstep. With Just Eastern by your side, this year’s Ramazan and Eid will be as good as being back home.

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