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    July 15, 2013 by Justeastern

    When Ramazaan and Eid are away from Home The essence of Ramazan is felt with an unmatched vitality and fervour at home in the East-may it be Pakistan, India or Bangladesh. Those who are settled elsewhere feel that tug of homesickness and nostalgia more than ever during the auspicious month of Ramazan and the occasion of Eid. The aromas of sehri; the hustle bustle and togetherness of iftaar; the clanking of bangles; the unmistakable scent of henna—its all missed desperately when one is living away from home. Pakistanis, Indians and Bangladeshis who are currently living, working or studying abroad in North America, UK and the Middle East crave for the spirituality of Ramazan and the contentment and festivity of Eid back home and many try to …

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