Part of the documentation for Emergency 2007


Women of Pakistan have been brave as ever. Most of them out of 28 arrested in lahore on 4nov. are members of Women's Action Forum who fought against zia regime. They were freed on bail last night except Asma who is detained in her house since 3nov. I just spoke to samina rehman and she narrated her experience as follows; I was in islamabad on 3rd night when i came to know about, emergency, asma's arrest and a clamp down on judiciary, I was just outraged. I left Islamabad to attend a meeting called by jac in hrcp office. while we were discussing Police surrounded the premises and came in to arrest.They said women and journalist can go. But women got up and stood in front of men and told them u can not take them. They were simply outraged, misbehaved and dragged all of us forcibly in vans to a thana. later in the night we were asked to sign an under taking to refrain from such actions. on refusal we were threatened to be charged under MPO and shifted to an unknown house. we were getting news thot musharraf is angry with civil society and in no mood to release us. Our mobile phones were taken away and we were kept in communicado. Two days later were bailed due to internal and external pressure. Our spirits are high and we will continue to fight.’. Bravo keep it up meena,lala, neelam, rubina,nasrin,saleema, gulnar, asma and others.W E ARE PROUD OF YOU!


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