Tarek Fatah was born in Pakistan in 1949 to parents who migrated from Bombay in 1947. A student leader in the late 60s, Tarek Fatah was General Secretary of the leftwing National Students Federation - NSF. He was twice imprisoned by successive martial law regimes, in 1969 and again in 1970.

Tarek Fatah's professional life started as a reporter with the Karachi SUN, from where he moved to Pakistan TV just after the 1971 Bangladesh War.

In 1977, there was nother coup in Pakistan and Tarek Fatah was expelled from PTV, falsely charged with sedition by the military authorities.

From 1977 to 1987, Tarek and his family moved to Saudi Arabia and from there to Canada where they live in downtown Toronto.

Tarek Fatah has been actvie in the country's leftist New Democratic Party, served on the party's provicial executive and federal council. He served in Premier Bob Rae's political staff and also contested the 1995 elections as a candidate from the NDP.

Since 1996, he is host of the Saturday night weekly TV show, The Muslim Chronicle. He is also the founder of the Muslim Canadian Congress [1] and a persistent critic of Islamic Relgious extremists.

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