Syed fakhrud din balley alig s/o syed Moeen_UD_Din Jafri_UL_Chishti was born in 1930 in HaaPur_[MoHaLLah_Qanoon_GoYYaN] merath(india). He was Aligarh graduate and then passed exam of "adeeb e kamil". In early 50's he migrated to pakistan along with his family. He have 4 daughters and 6 sons who are also poet like their father [1]_(syed Anjum moeen balley (Writer & Poet ), [2]_syed arif moeen balley (Journalist, (Ex_Magaazine Editor Daily "Nawa_i_Waqt"-Multan, Founder Editor Of Daily "NAYA_DIN"-Multan and "Dail-NAYA_DOAR"-Multan and Founder Resident Editor "Daily-EXPRESS-Rahimyarkhan") Writer & Poet), [3]_syed aanis moeen balley [Known as Aanis_Moeen and also called SUQRT_E_ZAMANA , Na'ee_Sochon Ka ARRSTOO, KEATS OF URDU Poetry.(29th Nov 1960.Lahore - 5th Feb 1985.Multan)], [4]_syed zafar moeen balley(Journalist (Ex_Editor Of Monthly "Adab_e_Latif"_Lahore and "Aawaz_e_Jarras". Lahore), Educationist , Lecturer / Teacher Of O' /A' Levels / Assistant Professor_GreenWich University,Karachi ,(Ex_Principal + Administrator of ICMAP_Multan_Branch and The OASYS School O/A Levels System-Karachi.) (Known as Writer and Poet also), [5]_syed ali moeen, [6]_syed faisal moeen balley)

syed Moeen_UD_Din Jafri_UL_Chishti was the next door neighbour of BaBa_E_URDU MOLVI_ABDUL_HaQ . He was a very famous landlord . In the general election of 1946 Mr.Moeen_UD_Din_Chishti wasthe In_Charge of election compain of the both famous M.A.Jinnah and Nawab Liaqat A.Khan . He is known as one of the most active worker of Pakistan Movement .Syed Moeen_UD_DIN Jafri_UL_Chishti was one of the closest friend of Josh_Malihabadi , Talook_Chand_Mahroom, Syed Hashim Raza Zaidi and Molvi_Abdul_Haq .

Syed Fakhruddin BaLLey Alig had done a tremendous work in urdu adab. Syed fakhruddin Balley Alig wrote and compiled more than 150 Books & Booklets. Syed Fakhruddin Balley Alig was one of the closest companion of Hazrat Josh Malihabadi,Faiz Ahmad Faiz, Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi, Allama Shabeer Bukhari Alig, Mohammad Tufail, Dr Syed Abdullah, Waqar Anbalvi,Hazrat Majrooh Jee Sultanpuri and so many other famous writers and poets He was the founder Ch.Editor / Editor of around 18 Magazines. He wrote "Qaul" and "Rang" 7 centuries after "ameer khusroo" and both were composed by Radio Pakistan and AZIZ MIAN QAWWAL.

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