Society for Community Development Organization (SCDO) is a non-government and non-profit organization working for the development of marginalized and underprivileged communities in Pakistan. A team of volunteers including some journalists and writers from across Pakistan suggested to have an organized platform to work for creating awareness, promoting and protecting human rights, social Justice and development, peace and equality. The spirit gave impetus to the formation of SCDO. The volunteers hail from different Provinces of Pakistan.


Society for Community Development Organization (SCDO) foresees more developed through its concerted and collaborative efforts with other organizations focused on behavioral.


Society for Community Development Organization (SCDO) guided by development of underprivileged and the society by taking aboard all stakeholders, public and private communities and it has done a lot of miricles in Pakistan.


1. To work for the social, economic and political empowerment of masses through awareness raising & capacity building;

2. To work for shelter, hygiene, and youth empowerment.

3. To improve access to basic social services as health, education, water & sanitation.

4. To support sustainable development interventions through research, documentation, policy analysis & services provision;

5. Promoting the use of Information & Communication Technologies to optimize the utilization of available resources for the betterment of the people;

6. To promote literacy among the adult as well as the poor students.

7. To develop skills for enhanced job opportunities and livelihood.

Scope of Interventions:Edit

  1. Social Mobilization

  1. Gender

  1. Governance

  1. Youth Empowerment

  1. Women Empowerment

  1. Community physical Infrastructure

  1. Environment and Natural Resource Management

  1. Humanitarian Assistance

  1. Social Services (Health, Education, Agriculture)

  1. WASH

  1. Livestock Development

  1. Economic Development

  1. Media Promotion

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