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A country of about 150 million people (See Population), Pakistan has both religious and ethnic minorities, as well as other categories of citizens that might need attention, such as Women, Homosexuals, etc.

"I have no idea why I think women and homosexuals are ethnic minorities. Furthermore, I also say that they are religious minorities, which means that I believe being homosexual is a religion. That is true, because I take my homosexuality very seriously, almost like a religion. " -Pakistan.wikia founder


Religious minoritiesEdit


The Church of Pakistan is a member of the Anglican Communion. The Roman Catholic Church also maintains churches and some of the best schools in Pakistan.

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Sindh had a large Hindu population before independence, and they remain a presence in the province. [Of course, Sindhi Hindus are also a major presence in India--for example, in the business sector with names such as Godrej, Ambani, and others being big in that country (give me one more example).

There are many sites of great religious, historical, and/or mythological importance in the North part of Pakistan.



The founder of Sikhism, Guru Nanak Dev, was born in what is now Pakistan at Nankana Sahib. Guru Nanak was respected by both the Muslims and Hindus. When Guru Nanak passed away, the local Muslims wanted to bury the Guru's body while the Hindus wanted to cremate. Both sections of the community played a part the Guru's final rites.

To quote the SikhiWiki,

"Historical Gurdwaras in Pakistan are an essential part of Sikhism and form an important part of the history of Sikhism. The Punjab was only divided in 1947 when the separate nations of India and Pakistan were formed. Prior to this period, the whole of the area covered by the two countries was one nation.
"A significant part of the Sikh history is linked to places that are now in Pakistan."

See the article in that Wiki on Gurdwaras of Pakistan for a brief list of the important places of Sikh history that are in Pakistan.

Parsis Edit

A very small minority numbering fewer than five thousand. See Wikipedia:Parsi.

Ethnic minoritiesEdit


(See above)

Other minoritiesEdit



Why did the author forget to mention the Ismaili (Jinnah's religion), the Shi'ite, Buddhist (we have multiple ancient temples and structures), the Hazara people, Balochi people, Ahmadi Muslims and the list can go on. For some reason he though of Women as a minority even though they make up a bulk of our population. He also adds in homosexuals as a minority even though they are not even recognized in Pakistan. There is a minority group of homosexuals/transgenders in Pakistan, known as Hijras. However, these people are so poverty struck as well as have a lifetimes worth of abuse/inequality that makes it more of a human rights issue.

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