General Information
 Country Flag of Pakistan Pakistan
 Province 23px Balochistan
 District Quetta District
 Calling code 081
 Time zone PST (UTC+5)
 No. of Towns 2
 Population 565,137[1][2] (1998)
 Estimate 759,894[3] (2006)
 Nazim (Mayor) Mir Maqbool Ahmed Lehri
 No. of Union Councils 66[4]
File:Coat of arms of Pakistan.svg
 City Flag
File:Flag of Balochistan Province, Pakistan.png

Quetta is the capital of Pakistan's Balochistan province.


  1. According to non-government sources the population along with Afghan immigrants is between 14,00000-16,00000
  2. Population Census Organization, Pakistan. 1998 Census. URL accessed April 5th, 2006
  3. World Gazetteer population estimate for Quetta. URL accessed April 5th, 2006
  4. National Reconstruction Bureau of Pakistan, list of Zila, Tehsil & Town Councils Membership for Balochistan. URL accessed April 5th, 2006

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