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This is a
Earthquake 10-05-Related

See also: main grassroots page

Primary Contact Edit

  • Jahanzeb Sherwani,, PhD student in Computer Science


Goals Edit

  • Spreading awareness about the scale of the disaster
  • Donations
    • Cash
    • Kind (tents/blankets)

Ongoing Activities Edit

  • Tables at the UC, moderately successful, done for 4 days so far
Need volunteers!

Activities we want to start Edit

Candlelight vigil Edit

  • Need OK from admin
  • Coordinated with more than 18 Universities in the US, including UT Austin, MIT, Harvard, Wellesley, Tufts, Brandeis, Rutgers, Columbia, Cornell, Berklee, Hampshire, Dartmouth, NYU, ...
  • To be held on Family Weekend (Nov 2nd)
  • Need help with:
    • Publicity - on campus, and off-campus, through as many organizations as possible
    • Logistics - need help to get space, set it up, get candles, etc.
    • Content - need short presentation on the disaster, short speeches by CMU admin speakers, interfaith speakers
    • Press coverage - need wide publicity of the event after it's happened

Tents & Blankets drive Edit

  • We will manage transport (only tents & blankets allowed)
  • Urgently required in disaster area
  • Need storage (admin)
  • Time & place (admin)
  • Publicity (admin)
  • Manpower to help with collection

Mass outreach Edit

  • Email to campus:
    • Email should have summarizing information (with links to webpage) on:
      • Basic information
      • "How you can help" (tents/blankets/money)
      • URLs for online donation
  • Webpage for quake: Current page needs work
    • Need webdesigner (ask admin to assign someone to work with)
    • Page should have summarized information (with links to more info) on:
      • Basic information
      • "How you can help" (tents/blankets/money)
      • URLs for online donation
  • Flyers & posters:
    • Summarize the same information as above (ask admin to assign someone to work with)
    • Spread across campus and across Pittsburgh (admin, CMU organizations)
  • Media coverage -- need admin support to mobilize the following
    • Pittsburgh media (print, television and radio)
    • CMU media
    • Spread awareness about the scale of the disaster
    • Spread awareness of how they can help (tents & blankets drive)
    • Use candlelight vigil as a soundbite / videobite to spread the word

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