Projection Mapping History Edit

The term projection mapping is moderately new but the method goes back to the late 1960s, where it was alluded to as feature mapping, spacial expanded reality, or shader lamps. One of the first open displays ofprojection mapping onto 3D items was appeared in 1969, when Disneyland opened their Haunted Mansion ride. The ride utilized fake free heads as items which had 16mm film anticipated onto them to make them seem animated. The following record of projection mapping is from 1980, when establishment craftsman Michael Naimark shot individuals cooperating with articles in a lounge room and after that anticipated it in the room, making illusions as though the individuals communicating with the items were truly there. The first run through the idea of projection mapping was explored academically was at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in the late 1990s, where researchers chipped away at a task called Office of the Future to join workplaces from diverse areas by anticipating individuals into the workplace space as though they were truly there. By 2001, more specialists started utilizing projection mapping as a part of fine art, and gatherings or events.

Projection Mapping History - Pakistan Edit

Documented work in Pakistan can be tracked back to year 2005. The technology was being worked on to create defense simulations and large display screens. Putting multiple projectors together to create 1 large size image and then keeping the display on to a specific shape on object. For instance, in a military simulation, a solution was required for the training of the soldiers but at a real life size. This required multiple projectors as well as animations to be projected on specific shapes and styles to create reality.

Projection Mapping - Marketers & Advertisers Tool Edit

Year 2009, the team working on technology met Mr. Umer Toor and the major shift came. The technology finally found the escape from labs and it went on to the tables of brand managers, marketers, brand activists and event managers. It was no more a technology to be used only by engineers for their sophisticated labs.

Pakistan started hearing the word 3D PROJECTION MAPPING or VIDEO MAPPING PROJECTION. As every new idea or new concept, it took a long time for the technology to be known by concerned people. Though it is still a new phenomena relatively but considering 2007, It is widely known solution for marketers and brands.

Team known as EPIC Technologies was the one working on the solution in the Lab. Mr. Umer Toor formed a company named "VISYS - Visual Systems". The first projection mapping event was help in Karachi on tall building for a brand named Surf excel by Unilever Pakistan. It was difficult for the industry to understand the utilization of the projection mapping technology in the beginning but Pakistan has witnessed many mesmerizing Projection Mapping events over these years. 3Di has become the industry leader by year 2015. Most noticed events of Projection Mapping in Pakistan are, Brighto, Bank Alfalah, Benson & Hedges, Gold Leaf, Capstan, Car Projection Mapping etc.

The technology is settling down in Pakistan now.

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