Continiously Poor Governance in Pakistan after the death of Quaid-e-Azam has made Pakistan on the bottom line of the world. We all the time give the example of China and some other established or flourishing counteries but never look or consider on their policies and their good governance. In Pakistan the basic draw-back is poverty and lack of education system. It is fact that we are not enough literate or experienced, we always under-estimate ourself and usually to fill that lackness we follow prudent and do down with things and happenings. And that upbringing make our society the worst and from same society our parliamentarians are being selected. Here the example of China should be quoted that their parliment helps their citizen in providing the basic education and basic knowledge of welfare by which their citizen comes up with full confidence,knowledge,ambition, power etc. The good government always plan for basic needs of their societies and never classify them. It provide equal rights, equal oppurtunity and equal surface for all then the personal efforts dignify to individual. But in Pakistan a normal person is restricted from his basic rights i.e food, shelter, safety, social needs & self esteem. That is why we are not producing up to the mark and dominating in the world. Among the poor people we get the governors those are mentally sick from their past and when they work for mankind they get lots of oppurtunity to help the citizen but from there, their greediness comes over and ruin all the good thoughts and favorable work. Here in Pakistan we badly need such a system by which a normal citizen can get his basic rights and fulfill his basic needs easily so that his mind remain relax from his home town to work for others. We have wasted 62years in experiments of different corruptions, bribery, and wickedness and survived only because of the strong anthusiastic participation of the people in builing Pakistan but now we have availed bonus time and for the sake of our youngsters we have to do some practical change in society so that they would work for the survival of Pakistan.

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