The PCB Pakistan Cricket Board, is the official governing body for cricket in pakistan. The board has the jobs to manage various cricket events, hunt for talent in cricket, and select the team for any upcoming tours and matches. It is also the duty of the PCB to formulate proper events for improving cricket on the domestic level.

Over the years, the PCB has been under severe scrutiny for not managing the duties properly and also for sacking many popular players of the team for no reason. The painful loss of the World cup 1999,where Pakistan could have easily won against Australia was the major reason for the hatred of thepeople towards the PCB. It is said that the national team purposely lost the match for greater financial reasons.

Later, under the orders of the president Pervez Musharraf the board was restarted under chairman Touqeer Zia, which showed drastic improvments in the board as well as in the team.But,due to a copyrights issues between the National Television-PTV and a private Channel-Geo,Touqeer Zia was asked to resign and the latest chairman till date is Shaharyar Khan. The Board in association with Indian Cricket Board has hosted the world cup and many Indo-Pak Cricketing Events.

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