How Can I Help?Edit

See: Pakistan:How Can I Help?

What about advertising?Edit

While WikiPakistan is not the place for commercial or other advertising, it does aspire to collect and present information that is as accurate, comprehensive and fair-minded as possible.

The advertising you see on the righthand side the page is placed there by our hosts; Wikia, Inc. and we have no control over it. It's what helps them support us without remuneration. Please contact them for further details.

NOTE: An interesting side note is that revenues from advertising in the month of October, 2005, the month Pakistan was hit by a major earthquake, were donated to the Edhi Foundation.

Who owns the content?Edit

The question of who owns WikiPakistan! content might come to mind. All WikiPakistan content, unless otherwise stated, is under GFDL (See: and new contributions are understood to be under the same license unless otherwise stated.

What about news, events, etc.?Edit

We are trying to figure out the the right format for events; news; and updates from groups, corporations and individuations. Please feel free to send feedback--or just start page on the wiki itself.

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