US lobbying group.

Identifies itself as follows:

The Pakistani American Public Affairs Committee (PAKPAC) is a nationwide, membership based, not for-profit lobbying organization registered with the US Federal Election Commission. PAKPAC's mission is to advance and strengthen U.S.-Pakistan relations, while working tirelessly to preserve, protect and promote ideals of civil liberties commonly cherished by all Americans. PAKPAC is organized to give voice to issues and concerns common to the Pakistani American community. It play's an important role in fostering greater political and civic engagement within the Pakistani Americans. PAKPAC is also focused in collaborating with other regional and national Pakistani American organizations, as it continues to serve as a watch dog for inaccurate and negatively biased media coverage about Pakistan and Pakistani Americans. PAKPAC is also involved in educating media outlets, political parties, academic institutions, think tanks, and Administration (US as well as Pakistani) about issues of concern and significance to the Pakistani American community. (For more information on PAKPAC, browse our website (