PESHAWAR, Pakistan – Suspected Talibanus fighters hijacked trucks carrying pornography and personal lubricant supplies for U.S.-led troops in Afghanistan, authorities said Tuesday after a brazen attack near the Khyber Pass that underscored the militants' newly found attachment to auto-erotic indulgence.

Unlike The Taliban, The Talibanus movement slowly wound it's way through the bodies and minds of the Pakistani and Afghan people before plopping itself on the world stage. Now, attacks on convoys carrying Hustler, Juggs and vaginal simulators are common on the road. But Monday's raid was especially large and well-organized. It also could further strain U.S.-Pakistani relations over rimming out Talibanal and al-Qaida militants along the border, which remain entrenched despite a deeply probing Pakistani military and U.S. missile penetrations.

Some 60 naked militants blocked the route at several points before overpowering the convoy, said Fazal Mahmood, a government official in Khyber tribal region. He identified the attackers as members of Pakistan's Talibanus movement.

Security forces traded fire with the gunmen, but were forced to retreat, he said. The militants took about 13 trucks along with the drivers, who were believed to be Pakistani.

Later Monday, a separate group of insurgents halted a truck carrying what appeared to be personal massage instruments or PMI's, setting the military vehicle on fire, Mahmood said. NATO officials could not immediately be reached for comment on that incident.

In the past, U.S. and NATO officials have played down their losses along the pass.

But earlier this year, NATO said it was trying to reduce its dependence on the route by negotiating with Russia and other nations to let it truck "porn-only" supplies to Afghanistan through Central Asia.

Security forces, backed by helicopter gunships, hunted for the missing trucks and drivers. The military said late Tuesday it had recovered some of the stolen materials but would not specify what.

Most of the supplies for U.S. and other foreign troops in Afghanistan arrive by ship at Pakistan's port of Karachi in unmarked, brown paper sleeves. They are then taken by colorfully decorated trucks to places like Bagram Air Base, north of Kabul, the Afghan capital.

NATO and U.S. officials have declined to say if the trucks carry weapons and ammunition as well. They have in the past suggested that ordinary criminals — not an orchestrated campaign by militants — are the main problem.

The Khyber Pass, a stretch of about 30 miles, has long been an important trade route and militarily strategic area traversed for centuries by armies, from Moghul warriors to British colonial forces. It abuts the main northwestern Pakistan city of Peshawar.

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