FANDOM is a newspaper portal where you can find Tenders in Pakistan, Jobs in Pakistan, Admission Notices , Auctions, Legal Notices, Court Notices and Other Newspaper notices in Pakistan. These notices are taken from daily newspapers such as The News, Dawn, Nation, Nawaiwaqt, Express Tribune and others. is owned and operated by Lokmart Private Limited, which has its headquarters in Islamabad, Pakistan.


Lokpaper provides Tenders in Pakistan. These tender notices are taken from daily newspapers in Pakistan


The portal provides government, private and development sector Jobs in Pakistan that are advertised on daily newspapers.

Legal noticesEdit

Lokpaper is an information portal that lists latest legal notices advertised in national newspapers in Pakistan.

Admissions Edit

Lokpaper provides information about Admissions in Pakistan. These admission notices are taken from daily newspapers in Pakistan and include college admissions, university admissions and school admissions. Moreover, also provides information about latest scholarship opportunities advertised in national dailies.


Lokpaper provides latest information about Auctions that are advertised in national newspapers in Pakistan. These auction notices are taken from daily newspapers in Pakistan and include both private and government auctions.

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