Pakistan's largest city, main port, and center of commerce. (It is home to the main financial center of the country, the main stock exchange, the Cotton Exchange and so on.

Karachi was the first capital of the country and the home of the founder of Pakistan. The Quaid (Mr Jinnah]])'s mausoleum is often used as the iconic representation for the city.

See Wikipedia article for more general information.

Tourist SitesEdit

There's a very good answer on Yahoo! Answers to the question of what's worth seeing in Karachi:


  • City Government



Professional InstitutesEdit


  • Dehli Govt. College
  • Adamjee Govt. Science College
  • DJ Govt. College
  • Govt. College For Men, Nazimabad
  • Jamia Millia aka Govt. Jamia Milia Degree College
  • Karachi College
  • S.M. Govt. Science College
  • S.M. Govt. Law College
  • S.M. Govt. Arts College
  • Abdullah Government College For Women,Nazimabad

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