The people of Pakistan divided into many classes economically and there is no any principle to bring them in equal level, consequently a great rift  come  in social life of people  as the division of classes set forth under for the evaluation :

Happiest Class:'  The  lowest classes are turning richest into millionaire speedily or touching to the sky of prosperity but media and politician might not be agreed on my factual line of social impartiality ,  this is the history of lowest people , though  we also call them poor and deprived  people  ( look around yourself you will find   the  same) and eminent politicians and media of the country politicize and exploit  them or raising slogan for the  poor and deprived people while   all is quite different  generally , their business/Trade are based on  small size of trading/ Retailing   they also seller of Drugs, heroine,  weapons and harmful things  in form of  edible provision/stuffs which are the poisonous to health  .

Their  earnings are beyond to the tune of unlimited earnings     and no  any price hike or increase of price can’t be effected them  because they are free from every  taxes of what so ever nature levied by the government  owing to non- categorization of tax system        and so  called concerned authorities/ agencies of government secure them … why ?  the  people of same category    feel happy when the prices increase  while  the media and politicians emphasize and create  a  hype for  increase of price  , no any politician or so called  journalist claims for their earnings and all claims only  for price- hike or dearness touching to the sky while their earnings too much . The  people of the same classes are accessible to have necessities of life such as : medical facility, higher education, high living standard and so on ,    it will be of no use to say” THE MORE PRICE THE MORE PROSPREITY”

Working class ( In public  sector) :' The  working classes of public sector  is very stable classes and there is no any fear or insecurity   of  job  and  they enjoy annual  increment   announced by the government as the dearness  or increase of price  effect them a little,  but they can manage it  or  cope with price easily , the government provide them numerous facilities such as: Medical, long leaves, allowances, GP funds, gratuity and upgrading  etc, over and above they have many options of getting money /penny by unfair means  

Working Class: ( IN private Sector') The working class of private sector is  very poor and  frustrated  people in Pakistan, on other hand  the    skilled /professional people are better  somewhat  than unskilled or labor class they have many fears of losing their job on account of insecurity and instability jobs  they also called  “MIDDLE CLASS”. No any politician or so called journalist emphasized on their grievances.

High class (elite') This class is advanced by financially and they less or more belong to lowest class or public sector class ( Government ) they also have great  influence  in Pakistani politic and enjoy the diverse portfolios of ministry  during the  partition of 1947 they were hardly in a few and since then their number of classes have been increasing speedily .


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