Regulatory and Government BodiesEdit

  • Federal Ministry of Health
  • Provincial Ministries
  • Drug Watchdogs...


Pakistan Medical and Dental Council is the regulatory body of all medical education issues in Pakistan, at present the number of medical specialist in Pakistan are as follows (31st October 2005)

MBBS Doctors

  • 99955 registered MBBS Doctors (61070 Males & 38685 Females)
  • 17792 Doctors with a Post-Graduate specialization (14194 Males & 3598 Females)

BDS Dentist

  • 6228 registered BDS Dentists (3470 Males & 2758 Females)
  • 382 Dentists with Post-Graduate specialization (309 Males & 73 Females)

Major IssuesEdit

Major HospitalsEdit

A number of Hospitals serve the public in Pakistan





Non-Governmental Sector OrganizationsEdit

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