Hair transplantation has the crown of most rapidly evolving aesthetic surgery procedure as well as the usual improvement in its materials and methods. 

Current advancement & innovation Edit

The current advancement & innovation in information and technology as well as the introduction of the nascent concept of utilizing follicular unit grafts has allowed the method of hair transplantation to reach new horizons. A new insight into the anatomy of follicular unit of scalp led to the appreciation of follicular unit graft. Now one may ask a very justifiable question that how this is a blend of art and science.

Firstly, in terms of art, the hair transplantation surgeon is none less than a Picasso with a canvas. His job is to recreate something that was there at one time and now it is gone without a trace. His job is to recreate the natural hairline with the same perfection and craftsman ship as it was there before.

For this purpose, the consulting surgeon has to schedule two to three meetings in which he discusses the hair loss extent and the available donor site volume with the patient. Once this fact is established, and then the available proposed hairline projections are shown that he makes using different software.

After the patient selects a hair line for his scalp, the consultant proceeds with drawing of hair line on the scalp just like an architect makes a blueprint of a structure. The patient is then taken to the operation theater where the actual work on his scalp begins.

In the process of actual selection of follicular unit grafts from the donor area, art of the surgeon is also applied as he has to choose such follicular grafts which when removed would not leave the donor area looking bald or weak. So he has to choose the hair follicle units with impeccable skills that he might possess. Now the question of science, it can be easily satisfied by referring to the technique of FUE itself.

Preparation of the graft receiving scalp area takes a lot of time and skill of the surgeon to prep it properly for the incoming grafts. The extraction of the follicular units from the donor region also involves precision of the method as we have to maximize the number of extracted grafts that stay fresh and viable and secondly we have to implant them as such they start growing as a normal hair unit in the receiving area. So, at the end it would not be false to state that with better methods of harvesting and implantation, Hair transplant Pakistan results represent a blend of art and science.

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