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Food Connection Pakistan is Pakistan’s Premier Restaurant Guide which offers information on Menu's, special offer details with photos of over 3,000 Restaurants, Cafe and Bakeries in Pakistan.

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Pakistan Premier Restaurant Guide, a Pakistani Food platform build with Passion & Love for Pakistan.

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You’ve got the Power!+ Earn 100 Points Food Matters so does your opinion! Churn the Foodaholic in yourself and let your voice be heard. Restaurants are judged on food, service and ambience, as well as other aspects that make or break the eating out experience. If you are forever eating out, and simply love to spill the beans – be our guest!
For our silent foodies, simply log on to check the highest rated restaurants in your city and avoid any kind of disappointments. Food connection Pakistan gives you all the power to decide over the vast number of rates and reviews, go on read reviews by foodies and check the rating of restaurants in your city.

Points Redemption:Edit

Cherry on the top Who says there is no free lunch!? As they say, the best things in life come free. So here’s the deal , For every activity that you do on Food Connection Pakistan whether you write or rate a review, reserve a table at a restaurant, like a photograph, etc.


Best Bites of the town+ Earn 5 Points If you want to go heavy on your plate and light on your pocket, Say Yum is your food destination. Explore our food-tastic deals section to avail the latest and greatest Breakfast, Lunch, Hi Tea, Dinner deals of your city . Enjoy the Best Bites of your City everyone!

FC Blog:Edit

Don’t miss anything delicious!+ Earn 100 Points Don’t you just love reading about Food?! Where new Flavors to devour, old favorites are celebrated?. FCBLOG is a platform where food and passion for writing combines to form a perfect blog. Follow our food bloggers on their foodie forages, and see whether you agree or disagree with them. Stay updated with the latest Food Gossip of your city. Enjoy the latest restaurant, café, bakery launch coverage’s , expert reviews on the most talked about restaurants, café and bakeries.


Feast for your Eye's+ Earn 150 PointsFoodies , Feast your eyes with Photolicious ! If you have got that fire in your belly for food and have the zeal to capture it with your camera, Photolicious is your cup of tea . Share Restaurants, Bakeries and Café photographs with 1000’s other people globally. Enjoy the limelight photographers!

FCPK Buzz:Edit

Foodies Social GatheringThis page shows all the activities of FCPK users on the website. Whether a friend is appreciating a Photolicious photograph, reviewing an Restaurant, planning to dine at a restaurant, booking an order, it’s all in here! See what’s trending with your friends to keep up with your social gang! Who knows you might even become the trendsetter with your activities on the website.


Search 100's of Restaurants, Cafe, Bakeries in your city Variety is the spice of life. Our favorite spice is our most powerful search engine ! Whether you aim for a lazy lunch or a fun hearty dinner , a quick bite or a Sunday supper , simply type what you are looking for and discover a variety / variation of 100’s of restaurants, café and bakeries in your city at a click of button ! Enjoy the only thing which is permanent in our lives, which is change.

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