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Creating this section for developing a resource, or at least sources, for getting a complete picture.


  • International Humanitarian Community (UN-Level) SitReps:
  • NDMA Updates:

Damage AssessmentEdit


Official AssessementsEdit

  • KPk PDMA Summary:
  • FDMA (FATA) Flood Damage Consolidated (Spreadsheet dated September 6):
  • Punjab Flood Relief & Rehabilitation
Don't have a central page for Damage Assessment, but their main site has a menu titled "Facts and Figures" that gives you a list of options:
Very top-level overview:


  • August 05, 2010: SPO's Rapid Assessment D.I. Khan:

Need-Gap AnalysisEdit

  • KPk PDMA/PaRRSA Damage Needs Assessment page:
  • Financial Needs; ReliefWeb's Summary, part of the UN Financial Tracking System:


  • "International Humanitarian Community" (UN-level: FAO, WHO, WFP, UNICEF, etc.) Cluster Coodinators Contact (Exhaustive) List (PDF):
(By "cluster", they mean topic/issue, such as agriculture, shelter, food, health, etc.)



  • UN Initial Floods Emergency Response Plan 2010 (PIFERP)
Another version (a newer, non-Initial one?) is on the KPk PDMA site at:

Background Info and other ResourcesEdit

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