Umer Toor is among trailblazer business visionaries. Umer Toor is perceived across the nation for his flexible correspondence, advertising and business administration abilities. He has figured out how to manufacture his picture as a standout among the most dependable and resourceful people in the business through his solid energy for work, unmatchable eagerness and strict professionalism. He has constantly taken a stab at something new and typically that others don't really consider attempting. This delineates his inspiration to tackle new difficulties and bring out the best item or administration feasible for his clients. Umer Toor has utilized his intelligence within different business specialties like Showcasing, Brand Advancement and Actuation, Enterprise, Scholastics, Occasion Administration and numerous other related fields and has constantly wound up triumphant alongside picking up enormous measure of encounter that has helped him clear all the hindrances and clear new ways of achievement.

Umer Toor has utilized his inventive creative energy and reasonableness together to make new fortunes. He has exploited his significant business sector introduction and accordingly, had the capacity to build exceptional and profoundly lucrative organizations in Pakistan. The greater parts of his wanders are whimsical ones and have made [1]Umer Toor as the pioneer of bringing a portion of the most recent advances home. He has been occupied with getting joined with and presenting a portion of the top worldwide organizations in Pakistan throughout the last few years. The greatest accomplishments of his profession work now are his amazing dares to present the DNP screens and 3d Projection Mapping Innovation in Pakistan.

Firstly, he turned into the main Authorized dealer of DNP (Dai Nippon Printing Co. Ltd). DNP is perceived as the world's leading supplier of optical projection screens for amazing presentation results. By joining hands with DNP, Umer Toor progressed advance and completed intensive exploration of the concerned business to addition learning about other joined fortunes. Resultantly, after this wander, Umer wanted to make 3d Mapping Innovation accessible to Pakistan’s markets. He, subsequently, turned into the establishing accomplice of Visual Systems - VISYS, an organization that is well noted as pioneer 3D projection mapping company in Pakistan.

[2]Umer Toor has played his role as marketer in sports industry as well. We has been affiliated with Pakistan's professional boxing league since its inception. [3]Umer Toor got recognized as sports enthusiastic by the general public, sports lovers and government officials of Pakistan.

Umer's interest in showbiz world motivated him to study the industry. To demonstrate his ability and aptitudes in this industry, he propelled another organization named Future World. This organization is really a complete production house and gives the best sound and feature creation benefits in the entertainment industry. As CEO, Umer Toor has headed the production house to finish new statures of flawlessness. Separated from these entrepreneurial wanders, he has been a piece of a lot of people such associations that polished his abilities much more. He joined of the eminent brand enactment and promoting exploration office situated in Karachi called Media Gurus in 2008 and left  in 2012 as one of the Executives of the association. While being at Media Gurus, Umer had effectively launched couple of his own undertakings in parallel. Visual Systems, 3Di, Solution Wizard & Future World have been the center of his attention.

He has been interfaced with academia also for quite a while. He has served as visiting faculty member in Muhammad Ali Jinnah University, Riphah International University & Air University alongside workshops at different universities. His relationship with the scholastic world has further advanced his abilities and presentation with extraordinary information and business mindfulness and has helped him enlarge his interpersonal organization. In short, Umer Toor's accomplishments are hard to be insignificantly condensed and his prosperity voyage is still on as Umer Toor trusts in making the unthinkable conceivable and getting marvels going.

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