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Part of the documentation for Emergency 2007

To Do ListEdit

Events: Wiki calendar and others
  • If you live in the US or UK:
  • Sign a petition--or more:
  • Help detainees
Here's a list: Emergency 2007 Detainees
Here's who to ask what you can do:
  • Make a gesture of support; send flowers, send a note of support:
Addresses of Judges
Addresses of Jails, Centers of Detention, Homes of people under "house arrest"
  • Help with the Wiki:
Emergency 2007
  • Stay informed:
Emergency 2007

Demands of Civil SocietyEdit


  • Judges were getting in the way of War of Terror [didn't Teeth Maestro have a post on this?]

Movement Home Site(s)Edit

Media ContactsEdit

  • Pakistan: ?
  • WikiPakistan: (based in Silicon Valley, California; drop an email for phone number)

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