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Email Sent Early on October 15, 2005Edit

From: Sabahat Ashraf <>
Subject: Coordinating Earthquake Relief


My apologies for sending this a second time. I am adding DCM Sadiq this 
time around. Also, please see the effort at:

I am writing this to the webmasters (or whoever I could figure out as a
lead) on efforts to coordinate relief efforts for the Earthquake in
South Asia.

I have listed your organizations/groups under

I guess part of putting this e-mail together is to maybe create a loop
for information sharing, etc.

In case, you are not following the Earthquake-related site on
WikiPakistan, here is a backgrounder. My apologies if you've seen it
before; but I thought a formal introduction is in order.

I am the founder of WikiPakistan--a "Pakistan Information Database"
hosted by the same foundation that runs WikiPedia. I started a page
about the Quake on WikiPakistan on Friday night (California Time)as soon
as I heard of the Quake. The page (and affiliated pages) is starting to
become a good place to gather and look for information.

Here's the message I sent around Friday night:

-----Original message from WikiPakistan Admin to community

I set up a page on WikiPakistan, which can be used to gather
information, provide links, etc.:

This is a good place to put information you receive, so there is a
central place to go to.

Suggestions/Requests for information:

* Specific information about towns, cities, etc. and how much they have
been affected.
* Database of missing people and informatioin about people found.
* First hand accounts of events, photographs (phone camera pix welcome)
* Relief efforts, fundraising events planned, etc.

Please add the information yourself, if you can. Otherwise, e-mail it to

Since this tragedy spans several countries, please feel free to add
quake-related information, from India and Afghanistan (and beyond? China?).

WikiPakistan is a relatively new Information Database about Pakistan,
Pakistanis and the diaspora. The site is at and background information can be seen
at . It is an open
database that anyone can edit and is developed under a Free Document
License. Contributors are encouraged to click on the "Create an account
or log in" link in the top righthand corner of every page and create an
account. You do not need to provide any personal information.

iFaqeer/Sabahat Ashraf
Founder and Administrator

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