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Ongoing ReportsEdit



Individual ReportsEdit

The QuakeEdit

The Aftermath & The Relief EffortEdit

  • October 18, Muzaffarabad: Hassun Shareef
  • I am Niranjan Parikh from BOMBAY,MUMBAI,INDIA. I was a peace marcher from Nizamuddin Dargha in delhi to Multan,from 23 March to 18 th may2005.
I dont know BOUNDRIES.My eml address is
I am procceding to KASHMIR for EQ work and if Border is open I will work in Pakistan too.

Commentary, Impassioned Pleas, etc.Edit


Zalzalay thoo nay mairay baagh kay ghunchay thoray
(Earthquake, you plucked the flower buds in my garden)
Khalid Iran

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