Banner 1200 627 ad is a new generation and mobile friendly - general purpose discussion forum for Pakistani people. There are a lot of topics which are specific to the country i.e. Jobs, Education, Consumer Products, Examinations, Automobile - and without a country-centric forum, they cannot be addressed effectively.

About Diskus.pkEdit

This forum is an effort to build and standardize an online Pakistani community to assist people who are seeking information specific to something in Pakistan.

Prospective Users:

  • Students who want to get opinion about Education, Degree, Institutions, Career and Scholarships.
  • Job seekers who want to get information about a job sector or role and collaborate with other candidates.
  • Consumers, who want to buy a product and need suggestions or guidance.
  • People seeking information or collaboration about any topic like Automobile, Technology or Politics.
  • Experts and experienced people who are willing to help new people in their domain or with their experience.

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