This page is envisioned as almost a handbook documenting and providing templates for covering/documenting and helping support crisis management and recovery, and the efforts at fundraising and material support that often develop around them.


  • 2005 Earthquake
  • 2008 EQ
  • Emergency
  • Disappeared
  • Internally Displaced People
  • MapVoices planning

Page Template/OutlineEdit

This page is devoted to the issue of Internally-Displaced People within Pakistan. There is a separate page (or will be) about Refugees. We are anticapting information from Northern Pakistan, Balochistan and from areas where displaced people have ended up, like Karachi, Lahore, etc.

News & InformationEdit



Personal AccountsEdit


Relief Goods Needed, Priority Lists Edit


This includes Fundraising events.

Donations (How, Where, Who) Edit

Afghanistan-Focused InformationEdit

International ResponseEdit

Technical InformationEdit

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