As far as the news are coming in the "Government's Response" is very poor; in fact apathetic. Capital Development Authority (CDA) which has the prime responsibility of ensuring the safe delivery of services and cooping with disasters did not mobilize its disaster management operation in time. The Towers in Islamabad which housed Pakistanis and foreigners both were destroyed in the morning however the earth moving equipment did not move in until evening. According to one phone call the earth moving equipment moved into the neighborhood of collapsed towers in the evening after people made several phone calls to CDA. If mobilizing of rescue operation is at its worst in the capital city of Pakistan then we can imagine the pathetic nature of search, rescue, and relief operation in the Northern Part of Pakistan where the earthquake has caused the major damage. I have just heard from my brother in law that one of his friends made a cell phone call from the collapsed building rubble that he and his family is alive and waiting for rescue. They have been trapped for more than 12 hrs. and the rescue teams have not reached them yet. (