About CellhubEdit LLC is a privately held enterprise based out of New York, exclusively doing online retail of Cell Phone Deals and Cell Phone Plans for T-Mobile through

What does Cellhub offer?Edit

To provide hassle free and unbiased wireless services. We intend to make it an effortless experience for a customer to choose and purchase a cell phone deal. Our strengths are the variety of plans offered by T-Mobile where there are the most optimal deals for premium customers but at the same time, we have loads of options for the low credit history customers. We offer plans with No Contract options as well as opportunity to buy only handsets. Cellhub has something to address the needs of each customer in it’s own unique way.

Why to shop online with Cellhub?Edit is an online store for a safe and trustworthy shopping environment of cell phone plans, handsets and its accessories which are available in different cell phone plans and cell phone deals. We provide upgrade & porting facilities for existing T-Mobile customers as well. Our user friendly site features comparison and quick search tools to help customers select the cell phone that suits their needs, identify and find out the appropriate accessories at an affordable price.

Jasmin12 10:03, January 21, 2011 (UTC)

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