Estimation and Costing

The division comprises Strategic Costing Engineers & experienced Quantity surveyors, headed by Estimations & Proposals Manager.
The division provides following services... Bidding Stage

  • Site investigation visit, Pre-tender meetings and feedback
  • Quantity take-off based on drawings, specifications Scope of work
  • Co-ordination with suppliers to obtain competitive price
  • Negotiation with Sub-contractors, pre-bid agreements etc
  • Co-ordination with all service departments (Planning, Design, QA/QC) to obtain necessary inputs
  • Pricing for the BOQ items, Site infrastructure overheads
  • Finalization of Bid Value based on Competitors Bid Analysis, Return on Investments tools such as NPV, Pay back periods etc

Execution Stage

  • Preparation of budgets / provisions on Accepted Cost Estimates to re-assess profit margins based on updated inputs from site, suppliers etc
  • Working out variation proposals for deviations in the scope of works
  • Working out Bill of Quantities based on IFC drawings/Specifications.

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