• Rainnasumu

    AKB48 holds the Guinness record for being the world’s largest pop group, with the current line-up standing at 140 names. Fans vote annually to choose new additions to the band from a 200-strong shortlist.

    Twitter and other social networking sites were flooded with comments about the incident, many of them raising concerns about security checks. AKB48 members kept quiet about the case.

    "Such an incident should never have happened. Even if they recover from their physical injuries, their emotional scars will never heal," former AKB48 member Erena Ono tweeted.

    AKB48 management announced Monday it was canceling a concert at its main theater in Tokyo's Akihabara district, as well as several other events around Japan. Affiliates SKE48 in central J…

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  • Sms4joy

    Being a true and good Muslim we all love our events more than anything. We all have believed that without the celebration of Islamic Events we aren't complete Muslim. We all celebrate events of Islamic either openly or inwardly. In Islamic events, Eid Ul Adha is one of the precious events of Islam. This isn't an ordinary event of the universe but an extraordinary, which has no parallel in this world. 
    In Muslim countries, we, the Muslim celebrate this Eid Day with complete religious and fever to show our love and devotion to Islam. Before this Eid, people bring lawful animals like the camel, cow and goat and they slaughter with the name of Allah on this precious day.

    In this event people wishes this day with their friends and family members …

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  • Justeastern

    Just Eastern

    July 15, 2013 by Justeastern

    When Ramazaan and Eid are away from Home The essence of Ramazan is felt with an unmatched vitality and fervour at home in the East-may it be Pakistan, India or Bangladesh. Those who are settled elsewhere feel that tug of homesickness and nostalgia more than ever during the auspicious month of Ramazan and the occasion of Eid. The aromas of sehri; the hustle bustle and togetherness of iftaar; the clanking of bangles; the unmistakable scent of henna—its all missed desperately when one is living away from home. Pakistanis, Indians and Bangladeshis who are currently living, working or studying abroad in North America, UK and the Middle East crave for the spirituality of Ramazan and the contentment and festivity of Eid back home and many try to …

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    An introduction

    May 5, 2013 by ANIMEFREAK01

    Hello/ Assalaam-o-Alaikum. I'm new to this wiki. Here are a few things about me;

    • I'm a proud Pakistani, I love to study history. I
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  • Firzakhan155

    If you want to be associated with the profession of journalism, I would suggest you take a professional degree for it. But if you want your opinion to be published in some newspapers, you can follow some simple steps that would let the editors publish your article or opinion in the papers or online journals. Here are some tips to write celebrity latest news or review.

    latest news

    Who, why, when, where and how? Rule: This is one of the fundamental principals of journalism. Whether you are writing about a political news story, or entertainment new; weather it is a sports news or current updates; whether it is celebrity latest news or business updates, you need to follow Who, why, when, where and how rule. This rule is also known as "4Ws and 1H…

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  • Pk Izhar


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  • 010shaharyar

    i wants o make some pakistani friends for friendship because i wants a person who can help me to make some good relationship bitween our countries.reply me through

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