A planed or proposed International University which will be locate in Nankana Sahib, Pakistan.


Baba Guru Nanak International University (B-G-I-N-U) is a proposed University to be located in Nankana Sahib, Pakistan.[1]. Plans to call for a number of 5,000 to 10,000-students in this University from All over the World,s Institution. To be modelled on the great universities of Oxford and Cambridge[1] and offering Departments in "Medicine", "Dentistry", "Pharmacy", "Engineering", "Computer science", "Languages", "Music" and "Social sciences". [1] After a facilities planning meeting in June of 2007,[2] High Court (Uganda) Judge Anup Singh Choudry and a British group known as the World Muslim Sikh Federation have produced a detailed concept plan and blueprints calling for 2,500 acres (approx. 1,000 hectares) to be set aside for the proposed institution.[1] For the feasibility and establishment of the university a project management unit was established in 2009. Most of the paper work like PC-II and the charter has been completed by the PMU. But unfortunately, a sad news came from the Evacuee Trust Property Board of Pakistan that they have closed down the project of the said university. This statement was jointly given by the Sectretary Junaid Ahmad  and Secretary Shrines Khalid Ali, who appeared in a contemp notice of Lahore High Court on August 23,2013. Rab apna karm kare.


The "World Muslim Sikh Fedration" (WMSF) proposes that the name of the University should be one of the following three:

1)Guru Nanak International University or 2)Baba Nanak International University or 3)Nanak International University. A short name of This university would be use as "Nanak University" which will be Locate at Nankana Sahib, Punjab, Pakistan.

Mission statementEdit

The Mission Statment is To provide a modern University in Pakistan of prestige and academic excellence which will be regarded as the Oxford and Cambridge of South East Asia. The University will allow to get Addmissions for the Students of all world.



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