1860 Societies Act. Since 1996

Contact Person:

Abdul Waheed Khan (President)



+92 21 66 58999

+92 300 9251836

+92 300 2107967




  • Main Office: St.1114/1115 Qasba Islamia Colony No.1 SITE Town Karachi. UC-9 Naunehal Academy.
  • Field Office: House No F-58 Ghazi Kot Town Ship Mansehra.
Tel: +92 977 204964



=BACKGROUND: = Bright Educational Society (BES) came into existence in March 1994. In 1996,

it was registered under societies Act 1860 as a non-government and non-profit organization. Great desire behind the formation of the organization was to address the problems of the poor and have not’s living in Kachi Abadi in Karachi.

Due to ignorance and negative behavior their problems are at alarming stage.

Who will address these long standing problems?

How the people will start journey on the path of progress and prosperity? These were the heart throbbing questions in the minds of the founding fathers of the organization. It was in fact a group of sensitive and jubilant youth who face the hardships and felt the miseries of the low income working class.

They also realized that prosperity and self-reliance is impossible without building solidarity among the people. So the basic aim of the organization is to organize people and mobilize them for a common cause to take collective action and to promote social cohesion and enhance sense of duty.

While looking to the sincere efforts of jubilant youth group the community enthusiastically supported the organization and actively participated in all the activities. They started pooling their resources and realized the power of self help.

Dr Akhtar Hamed Khan, Tasleem Ahmad Siddiqi and Arif Hassan

Some leading personalities of social development like Dr Akhtar Hameed Khan and Arif Hassan encouraged and Due this encouragement the organization nourished and developed to the present level. for their basic issues of education, health, economic development and environmental protection. Since the formation


BES envisions a world where all human beings enjoy transparent justice, equality, peace and prosperity.

Thematic Area:

Advocacy, Micro credit, Water & Sanitation, Development, Education, Infrastructure Development, Institution Building, Research, Youth Development, Health Education, Disaster management and relief.


1- To improve the living status of the marginalized section of the society specially women and children by sustainable, participatory and integrated development.

2- To strengthen institutions /human resource in different sectors of life at all levels.

3- To improve the health status of under privileged with special focus on women and children.

4- To increase literacy especially focuses on Primary Education in the remote areas of Pakistan.

5- To contribute to the National efforts for reformation of education especially religious institutes and Seminaries.

6- To increase income generation opportunities in rural communities.

7- Promotion of Positive ideas and building solidarity among the poor people and communities.

8- Betterment of youth and work against drugs and narcotics

9- To initiate the process of development in other related sectors like Youth Development, Child Protection, Urban Planning, Promotion and Protection of Human Rights.

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