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Name: Awami Rafai Committee (ARC)
Date of registration: JUNE 13, 1973
Registered under: Regisration and control Ordinance 1961 (XLVI OF 1961).
Address: Gehlan Hithar, Tehsil Chunian, District Kasur, Punjab, Pakistan.
Telephone: +92-49-4013815, +92-300-6573070


The Advocacy Project seeks to help community-based advocates produce, disseminate and use information, and so become more effective advocates for human rights and social justice.

Major Objectives of the NGOEdit

  • The NGO should create the self Confidence, brotherhood and provide the social services among the public, child and women development.
  • The NGO will solve the all-social problems of the people according to the internal and external resources.
  • The NGO held the extra activities and educates the illiterate BECS and adult lit.
  • Rising the community Awareness for rights & devolutions.
  • The NGO will be alert for rescue Circumstances and help govt. for such situation.
  • Br. Post office Gehlan Hithar urgent services in Velleges Gehlan Bahagiwal Baqa Pur 
  • Br. Post Master Ch. Amin Tahir Gehlan 

Current ProjectsEdit

  • Basic Education Community Schools (BECS)
  • Vocational Training College for Women (VTC)
  • Computers College (ACC)
  • MCH Health Center for Women
  • Child welfares
  • Community Awareness for Devolution Plan
  • Formation CCB, s CBO, s & Networking
  • Future Vision Cadet Academy (FVCA)
  • Support Students & Poor Persons from PBM, Zakat etc.

Basic Education Community SchoolsEdit

  • Established BECS with calibration Govt. Pakistan of rural areas in kasur district.
  • Educate to one to five class boys & girls out of govt schools in rural areas.
  • Free learning materials provide time to time.
  • Enrolled 300 boys & girls in these schools.
  • A women teacher perorates.

Vocational Training CollegeEdit

  • Annual trained women’s skilled development hand embroidery & other courses.
  • Ready mated products marketing.



  • Abdul Manan
  • Abrar Ahmed Abdul Rashid

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