Self-Description/Mission, Vision, etc.Edit

Website says:

Alternate Solutions Institute, the first free market think tank of Pakistan, is a registered non-profit, non-political educational organization.
Its mission is to:
  • Seek solutions to challenges especially in the area of economy, law, education and health in accordance with the principles of classical liberalism.
  • Promote the implementation of these solutions.
In short, A. S. Institute aims at promoting the concept of a limited responsible government in Pakistan under the rule of law protecting life, liberty, and property of all of its individual citizens without any discrimination.



Website says the Insitute:

  • engages in the translation and publishing of relevant texts from other languages into Urdu;
  • prepares original texts based on research suggesting particular solutions to particular challenges;
  • and conducts seminars, workshops and conferences to educate interested students, teachers, and journalists in the principles of classical liberalism.