Alamgir Welfare Trust International, is a Social Welfare organization which has been working since 1993. Over the years, it has increased the domain of its services. Below are some fields in which the organization is active. Edit

=== Poor, needy patients are provided complete treatment in private hospitals with our support. Almost 500 patients are treated and provided free medicines daily in the O.P.D. of the Alamgir Health Care Centre (under supervision of AWT). Ambulance services are provided for transfers of patients. Sadqa/Aqeeqa Bakras are available for Rs.2,200/ and Rs 3000/-- and Sadqa Bakrees are available for Rs.1,400/- and Rs 2000/-. The 45,000 Kgs. of meat/month from this service is distributed in jails, hospitals, madaris, poor students, orphanages, and poor population. === Necessities of life are provided to poor and orphan girls for marriage (dowry).

More than 5000 packets of food are provided to jails, madaris, highways and others during Ramzan-ul-Mubarak. (Cost of each packet = Rs.40/-)

Joint Qurbani is arranged on Eid-ul-Azha and thousands of kilograms of meat is provided to jails, hospitals, poor students in madaris, orphanages, poor population and the needy.

Course Books are provided to deserving students.jhgiggg

Monthly ration is provided to low-income households.

Ghusl of Mayyat (no charge), coffin, burial, Mayyat bus are made available 24 hours.

Hujjaj and people traveling for Umra are provided with items of need (ahram, slippers, books, etc.) and given training classes.

Blankets are distributed during winter.

More detail can be found out at

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